Social Media

A quick update…

My life has been pretty crazy the past few months! This is a very quick update in between content calendars and proposals.

Since leaving Velocity, I began my own social media consultancy, where I grew a small client base quite quickly, giving me the confidence that I could make a go of it myself. I wrote about how things were going and the things I’d learnt on Medium which you can read here. I helped agencies and brands alike, and one of those agencies then invited me to join full-time.

So, I’m now Head of Content at Sunshine Communications. It’s a great team. We’re all young, driven, and good at what we do. With a growing roster of clients, I think it’s a really exciting place to work, helping grow something and having a real impact instead of arriving into an established agency and merely being one cog in the machine.

If you’re needing social media or digital marketing help, and you liked the look of me from this website, you can find me and 4 other great digital marketers over at Sunshine Communications, a social media and digital marketing agency in Edinburgh.